Connecting Eva

As you are adding your practice information to Eva’s settings you can also connect this information to match your clinical workflows. Connection areas include:

Appointment Specific Clinical Workflow

Patient Interaction

A patient interaction holds the corresponding physical exam, treatment plan, patient surveys (aka questionnaires), and consent for care.

  • Physical Exam
  • Treatment Plan
    • Procedure
    • Service
  • Surveys
  • Consents

Managed Inventory and Ordering

Inventory Management & Purchase Orders

Eva can track inventory for supplies, products, drug templates (for in-house dispensing), and the vendors for all these items.

  • Vendors
  • Supplies
  • Products
  • Drug Templates


Eva can accept lab results from lab vendors via an HL7 file type. You must create a lab vendor, and enter your account number – this allows for lab vendor data to feed into Eva.