Scheduling Patients

Scheduling with Eva

Eva is a smart scheduler. This means when you schedule a patient for an appointment, also known as a patient interaction, everything is set up and laid out for your team to move through the clinical workflow process seamlessly. Eva uses smart technology to connect all your touch points with patients: the appointment confirmation, length of appointment, room for appointment, provider assignment, gathering and documenting patient information, appointment specific chart setup, invoice, follow-up communications and more.


When you login to Eva the first page you see is the Dashboard. This dashboard lays out all of your patients for the day in a clean, simple format of patient cards. Each patient card has the picture of the patient, their name, if they’ve completed Eva’s Core Interview, the status of the appointment (scheduled, confirmed, checked in, ready for provider, ready to checkout, checked out), the name of the medical provider assigned to the visit, the name of the interaction (aka appointment) and the time of the scheduled appointment. As the patient moves through the workflow, the status of the appointment changes. This keeps your entire team on the same page. Eva’s Dashboard is connected to the schedule, so every time you schedule a patient – they are added to the dashboard for that day.

Eva Dashboard


Eva is all about efficiency, so when you schedule a patient Eva gets to work and sets up your entire workflow according to that visit. The schedule is fully customized to your practice’s hours of operations, rooms available at your clinic, providers available, specific patient interactions, length of interactions and it is even color coordinated for workflow efficiency.

Eva Schedule

How to Schedule an Appointment

Once you’ve set up Eva for your clinic, you’re ready to schedule appointments. Explore the videos below to learn how easy it is to schedule, reschedule and cancel appointments with Eva.

How to schedule video

How to reschedule video

How to cancel video

Patient Appointments

Patient Interactions

In Eva, patient appointments are connected to the entire clinical workflow, which is why we call them Patient Interactions. When you simply add a patient to the schedule for an appointment you’ll choose the corresponding Patient Interaction. Once you’ve done this Eva will automatically set up all appointment confirmations emails, put together the patient’s chart, gather and document the patient’s history and symptoms within the chart, set up the physical exam template and treatment plan template, create the initial invoice and prepare follow up communications to be set once the patient is checked out. Eva does this for every patient appointment and specific to that particular appointment for that individual patient.