Patient Billing

Patient Interaction Invoices

Within Eva, everything is connected including patient invoices. In medicine, patient invoices are created based on what care the patient received and any additional products, supplies, or medications the patient purchases.

When a patient is scheduled for an appointment, Eva automatically generates the base invoice for that appointment based on the connected treatment plan for the appointment. As the medical team adds treatment or products within the chart, Eva continues to update the patient’s invoice. Your team can always edit the invoice by adding or deleting items manually.





Every invoice created within Eva is a superbill that includes the price, item name, and corresponding codes. This makes it so your patients can submit these superbills for reimbursement from insurance carriers. All invoices are available to patients through their patient portal to download at any time. Patients can also manage their debt. credit and HSA cards via their patient portal.

Payment Options

Eva provides a wide variety of payment methods for patients including credit cards, debit cards, HSA cards, checks, and cash. In addition to the payment methods, Eva is also built to create patient memberships where your practice can customize memberships, the cost, and the frequency of payment. With Eva, your practice can also set up payment plans with patients to further support and create financial flexibility. Eva will keep track of all payment methods and options for patients and alert your team if a patient’s payment has been declined for memberships or a payment plan. This helps your team stay on track with patient payments and assure efficiency in revenue collection.


Being able to offer discounts to patients is an awesome resource for business success. With Eva, your team can discount an entire invoice or line items.


Financial flexibility is key to business success, which is why Eva can accept credits or deposits from patients to use towards future treatments or products.