Patient Information

Eva takes care of all your patients from managing and storing all your patients’ records to the creation of visit documentation within a patient’s individual chart, Eva brings the idea of an electronic medical record to the future. Eva also offers a patient portal to each patient where they have completely open access to all of their PHI, billing, visit notes, results, and more. Eva truly is patient-centered because we know if your patients are happy you are happy.

Patient List

Eva houses the master list of all your current active patients and inactive patients. You can access the list of all your patients from the left-side menu under the ‘Patients’ tab. Click on a patient to access their patient dashboard.



Patient Dashboard

Each patient has a patient dashboard that is home to all their information and communications housed within Eva. The patient dashboard is where your team can access all patient interaction notes, lab results, documents, referrals, prescriptions, patient messages, patient-specific tasks and more. You can think of the patient dashboard as a future-forward medical record. Every chart associated with a patient’s visit or patient interaction is housed within the patient dashboard.



Patient Chart

Eva’s patient chart is designed beautifully to optimize your workflow, save you 90% of documentation time and spend your time focusing on patient outcomes. The foundation of a patient chart is built from Eva’s Core Patient Interview results and your customized clinical workflow within Eva. When you setup Eva and identified physical exams, treatment plan options that correspond to patient appointments, you trained Eva in your clinical workflow. Eva will now drive the efficiency, accuracy and quality of your interactions with patients – helping you focus on patient outcomes.


Patient Portal 

The design of the patient portal is centralized around the function which is for patients to be able to easily access their information and communicate with your team easily. Within the patient portal, there is a large amount of functionality including Eva’s core interview, a messaging center, a prescription center, a product store, and more. Your team can access any patient’s portal through the patient dashboard by clicking on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner next to the patient’s picture. From these three dots, you can access the patient’s portal and view everything that they can view – this is handy for supporting patient learning and troubleshooting.