How does Eva work?

Eva runs on patient information she gathers to understand the patient’s story and smart technology to streamline your clinical workflow and business operations. Eva makes your medical practice efficient and patient-centered. We refer to this smart technology as responsible artificial intelligence (AI). Our founder Dr.James Mahoney refers to Eva as a ‘centaur’ system where Eva is the body of the horse performing all the administrative and documentation duties while you remain the head of the centaur using your expertise to finalize clinical conclusions and treatment plans.

Responsible AI : Eva’s Core Patient Interview

At Eva Health we’ve been working with the power of artificial intelligence for many years. We recognized, many years ago, that the best use for artificial intelligence within the medical world is to support the doctor, not replace them. This is why we refer to Eva as your Expert Virtual Assistant. Eva is designed to assist you with the large amount of documentation and administrative requirements now associated with treating patients.

We know that a major corner stone to building a successful treatment plan is gathering a thorough patient history. We also know this takes a lot of time to do well. Often medical staff is left to gather the patient’s history and report back to the provider to help save time and promote efficiency. This process leaves a lot of room for unintentional error. This is why we started the development of Eva by focusing on creating a personalized patient interview that not only gathered the patient’s information, but captured the patient’s story with accurate and thorough data collection. We then took this process to the next step by integrating responsible AI, giving Eva the tools to collect, interpret, and organize this patient information within the patient’s chart for the provider to review and finalize. Eva does not diagnose, she simply presents you with the patient’s story (history, family history, occupation, well-being, symptoms, etc.) for you to use your clinical expertise and finalize conclusions. This is Eva’s Core Patient Interview.

Now with over a hundred thousand patient interviews, Eva’s Core Interview has assisted providers across the country in understanding their patient’s story.

Smart Technology: Integrating Your Clinical Workflow

Developing Eva’s Core Patient Interview was the first step in creating a fully integrated system that supported patient outcomes. The efficiency of a clinical workflow largely dictates how time is spent in the room between a medical provider and patient. We needed technology that assisted this process, so we began building it. Eva uses smart technology to support your clinic’s unique clinical workflows and business operations. She connects and streamlines all of these process so that your team can focus on supporting the patient, providing excellent service, and creating trust. This is what exceptional care looks like.