How to log in to Eva

It is easy to log in to Eva from any device with access to the internet because Eva is cloud-based. This gives you and your patients access to Eva wherever they are and whenever they need it. Let us explore how to log in to your clinic’s instance of Eva.



Your Clinic’s Unique Login URL Address

First, you’ll need to know the URL address of your Eva instance. This URL address is laid out with the name of your clinic or an abbreviation of that name followed by Here is an example of an Eva instance login URL address:

Your Username is Your Email Address

To log in to Eva you will need to know your user profile email address. When your user profile was created in Eva you would have provided a preferred email address for account creation. This email address is your unique username when logging into Eva. If you have forgotten the email attached to your user profile, you can ask a manager to look up your profile under team members within Eva settings, and from there they can see your attached email address.



Your Password

If you are a new user of Eva, you’ll have received an email inviting you to join Eva and set up your password. Once your password is set, you’ll be able to use it to log in to Eva. If you have forgotten your password you can always reset it by clicking on the ‘Forgot Password’ link visible on every login page.



Your User Profile

When your user account is created within Eva she creates a patient dashboard and patient portal for your profile. You can manage your contact information from your dashboard and patient portal, this includes your email address to log in to Eva.



User Roles

Every user profile within Eva is assigned a role. The are three roles within Eva: Staff, Manager, and Owner. These roles dictate what level of access you have to Eva.

  • Staff users can see patient information, appointments, and charts, but do not have access to manage or change anything in settings.
  • Managers can manage all aspects of Eva including patient information, appointments, charts, and company information, but cannot see or change your plan or payment options.
  • Owners can manage all patient information, appointments, charts, and all company information, including payment and plan options for your account.