Meet Eva

Smart Medical Software

Eva is smart medical software. Eva is an EMR, Practice Management Suite, Communication Platform, Patient Engagement, E-Scripts, Scheduling, Billing, Patient Intake, and Patient Portal powerhouse. Eva is designed around the patient outcome – not medical billing codes (although she does take care of that). We like to refer to Eva as your Expert Virtual Assistant.

Eva’s Core Patient Interview

Eva starts by conducting an individualized and thorough patient interview building an understanding of the patient’s story and the foundation of the medical record: patient history, family history, and symptoms. Eva then uses the research from validated questionnaires to recognize patterns of health and disease and presents this information within the patient’s chart. Finally, medical providers use their expertise for clinical decision-making to complete conclusions and approve treatment plans.

Eva is not diagnosing patients, she is simply collecting large amounts of patient data, organizing, recording, and presenting it to you – the medical provider. Medical providers use this information in clinical decision-making. Because most of the documentation is complete, Eva saves you 90% of charting time. We call the technology behind Eva’s Core Interview, Responsible AI. Responsible AI leaves decision-making in the hands of medical providers.

Eva’s Platform

Eva’s platform is where you interact with Eva. The platform is the user interface and is where you’ll schedule, chart, bill, prescribe, communicate, and manage your practice operations. Eva’s platform is beautifully designed, modern, and user-friendly – like most smart technology. Although you can use Eva on any computer – the platform is ideally used on a touch-screen and with the patient. Check out our hardware recommendations to learn more.